GOS 162: Godzilla VS Geeks of Steel


We Geek out over Godzilla,  The New Batsuit, and more!



  1. Silas says:

    Matt displayed a surprising amount of knowledge of nuclear weapons in this episode. He pointed out that they emit almost no radiation before detonation, which is absolutely correct. Plutonium-239, the material most modern nukes are made of, has a fairly long half-life(24,000 years). The longer a material’s half-life, the less radioactive it is. In addition to that, Pu-239 mainly emits alpha radiation, which can usually be effectively shielded by a peice of paper. We use plutonium in nukes, not because of its radioactivity, but because it is fissionable. When hit by a neutron, fissionable matereals split apart, emitting lots of energy and even more neutrons.
    Matt was also right that the common design of modern nukes is to surround the fissionable material in conventional explosives, which increase its density when detonated. This increase in density is what allows a chain reaction to commence. He did make the understandable mistake that they are made from uranium, and in fact there have been bombs made with uranium in the past, but generally plutonium is more cost effective.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Silas! See Adam? I am not completely useless!

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